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Job Descriptions

The Chair

  • The Chair of the ECSS chairs any meeting of the executive
  • Acts as a representative for the ECSS on all occasions or may appoint a representative
  • Provides leadership and articulates a vision of work for the ECSS
  • Keeps proper records that will be turned over to the incoming Chair

The Vice-Chair

  • Is the primary alternate to the chair for all duties of the chair
  • Provides support and encouragement to the ECSS members and committees
  • Acts as a representative to the Board of Regents and is one of four representatives on the Victoria University Senate

The Secretary

  • Records minutes of all executive and general meetings, posting them in the student lounge
  • Conducts ECSS correspondence when requested
  • Is a member of the Communications Committee to maintain communications between the ECSS and the student body

The Treasurer

  • Is the ECSS financial officer
  • Administers accounts, collects income, and disburses monies of the ECSS
  • Reports the financial situation to the executive monthly
  • Presents financial reports at the general meeting in the fall and spring



Communications Committee

  • Publishes the ECSS Newsletter, in electronic and print format, with issues usually appearing once a month during the academic year;
  • Maintains ECSS notices, bulletin boards and creates or posts posters for ECSS events;
  • Publicizes ECSS events, services, decisions, and meetings and works in conjunction with the recruitment officer to help publicize events that incoming students may want to be made aware of;

Community Life Committee

  • Initiates and provides social events (e.g., CafĂ© Noel);
  • Fosters an awareness of the needs of the greater community;
  • Plans and supports Wednesday community lunches;

Worship Committee

  • Supports the Worship Co-coordinators in preparing Wednesday afternoon worship services and mid-day prayer services;
  • Maintains Emmanuel’s worship supplies;
  • Plans and sponsors any worship-related activities (e.g., gown and vestment and/or resources fair);

Anti-Oppression Committee

  • Acts in solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, trans-sexual, queer persons (LGBTQ) and their allies as well as supporting other minorities;
  • Uphold inclusivity as a core value at Emmanuel College;
  • Plans and sponsors Affirming-related activities;

Emmanuel Annual Committee

  • Plans the Emmanuel Annual Dinner and Dance to be held in early March.