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Domestic students are expected to contribute to the costs of their theological education through savings, employment income, government student loans and funding from other sources such as family and external awards. Financial assistance provided by Emmanuel College should be regarded as only one component of total income.

College financial assistance is funded from a number of bursary and scholarship accounts established by generous donors to help basic degree students meet the costs of their theological education. When allocating funds, the Basic Degree Financial Assistance Committee considers three things: demonstrated financial need, commitment to theological education and academic progress. The Committee, in awarding need-based funding, also takes into consideration other academic awards (scholarships and prizes). The award amount ranges from $500-$4,500.

To ensure that students requiring Basic Degree Financial Assistance are realistic about the costs of theological education, they are required to complete and submit a detailed, confidential application form in September or January.

Payment of all financial awards (Basic Degree financial assistance, scholarships and prizes) is made in November or March.