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Christian Left Conference 2021

Jul. 23 8:30a.m.  -
Jul. 24 8:00p.m.

The theme for this year’s conference is Rethinking the Christian Left from the Belly of Empire: Charting New Paths Beyond Colonization, reflecting on the emergence of historical “new” actors and voices in the Christian Left. The conference will be held entirely online, and is co-sponsored by Emmanuel College’s Centre for Religion and Its Contexts, Trinity St. Paul's United Church, the Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics of The Institute for Christian Studies and the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre. Featured keynote speakers: the Honourable Dr. Mayann Francis and Néstor Medina (for a hint of what we have in store, watch last year’s keynote speaker, Vanderbilt University’s Joerg Rieger, discuss “The Circular Firing Squads of the Left: Notes for Christians and Other Seekers Not Looking for Easy Answers”).

All panel discussions and keynote talks are free and online, but registration is required.