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Preparing Faithful Leaders

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program shapes students through immersion in many facets of the Christian tradition.

  • Empowering Vocation: Develop skills for effective leadership, including preaching, public worship, pastoral care, religious education and spiritual disciplines.
  • Exploring Scripture: Understand the historical, social and literary contexts that formed scripture, as well as a variety of interpretive strategies.
  • Deepening Faith: Gain insight into changing emphases, interpretations and Christian practices over time and in differing cultural contexts.
  • Asking Questions: Bring scripture and theology into conversation with contemporary experience.
  • Engaging the World: Explore the complex issues facing contemporary Canadian society through placements in diverse community settings.
  • Going Deeper: Write a thesis to pursue research interests or prepare to study at the graduate level.

MDiv More Info

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is intended to equip persons for ordained ministry in The United Church of Canada and other denominations, as well as other forms of ministry such as pastoral care, pastoral counselling, careers in the non-profit sector, Christian education and chaplaincy. This program may also lead to advanced degree study and therefore MDiv students have the option of writing a thesis.

Graduates of the MDiv are eligible to be certified with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care as pastoral care providers, community-based pastoral care workers, chaplains and pastoral counsellors.

The MDiv consists of 30 credits and may be completed on a purely part-time basis. Students are allowed up to eight years to complete the degree.

Combined Degree Options

The MDiv and MPS degree programs can be completed in combination. It is possible to earn both the MDiv and MPS degrees within four years of full-time study.

100% MDiv Tuition Support John W. Billes Grant

Ecumenical Theological Education Grant

Video about the Master of Divinity Program


Program Summary 
Ten courses in Levels 1, 2 and 3, for a total of 30, with required Emmanuel College Core Courses, Designated Electives, Open Electives and colloquia. Electives may be used to develop a professional or academic specialization in particular areas. The degree may be completed purely on a part-time basis, and up to eight years are allowed for completion. Students may use two electives from Level 3 to write an MDiv thesis. Those considering post-graduate studies may need to take extra courses to qualify for admission to post-graduate programs.  

Preparing for a Master of Divinity at Emmanuel College - Video Series
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Divinity program will be able to demonstrate 

  • Knowledge of Christian scripture, history, ethics, and theology (systematic, constructive, contextual, and pastoral) that is substantial and relevant for particular diverse ministries.
  • Comprehension of intercultural and contextual issues bearing upon ministry and leadership in diverse communities.
  • Formation and clarity of vocation in relation to appropriate church bodies or religious institutions.
  • Skills, gifts and practices of ministry appropriate for leadership in communities of faith.
MDiv Student and Graduate Spotlights