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Emmanuel College Student Society (ECSS)

All basic degree students are members of ECSS. Each year, students are nominated and elected to join the ECSS council, whose mission is:

“Co-creating spaces and places within Emmanuel College and U of T, and beyond U of T, that engage and unify the student community fostering interfaith relationships and partnerships, through educational, and social events and advocacy.” (from the ECSS Constitution, updated and ratified September 2022)


  • Community
  • Social Outreach
  • Interfaith
  • Relational
  • Walk the talk - embodiment - faith in action
  • Advocacy

Job Descriptions


Current Council
Current Council
JJ Viviers (they/them, he/him, she/her) - Chairperson
Kacy Lin (she/her) - Vice Chair 
ECSS Secretary - Vacant
ECSS Treasurer - Lauren Vandervoort (she/her)


Additional Members
Liberty Leonard (they/them) - Needs Nook & Communications
Anastasia Watson (she/her) - Disability Co-chair
Heather Morgan (she/her) - Disability Co-chair
Erin (she/her) - Social Committee Co-chair & ECUT Rep
Jessie (she/her) - Social Committee Co-chair
Ian Wilgus (he/him) - ECAA Rep & Student Rep. on Executive Council
Roberta (she/her) - Member at Large 
Cynthia (she/her) - TST Roundtable Rep
Leslie Amador (she/her) â€“ Buddhist Rep
Sadaf Jamil (she/her) – Muslim Rep