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Application Deadlines

International Applicants

Due Date: December 1

Domestic      Applicants

Due Date: March 31

Emmanuel College only offers Admission in September.


Admission Requirements

  • Academic Requirements
  • English-Proficiency Testing
  • International Degree Assessment
  • Conditional Admission Requirements
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Application Procedures

1. Academic Background/Transcripts

Whenever possible, transcripts must be submitted electronically. The admissions committee will consider uploaded (unofficial) documents in order to make a provisional admission decision. However, official transcripts – received directly from the issuing institution – may be required at any time during the admission process, and are always required to finalize an offer of admission. 

Transcripts are mandatory for all enrolled university programs, whether completed or not. Transcripts from non-university programs are not mandatory but can be included if desired.

Unofficial Transcripts

  • are transcripts that have been sent to the applicant from the institution
  • screen grabs or pdf reports from a Student Information System

Official Transcripts

  • are transcripts sent directly to Emmanuel College's Office of Admissions, from the institution via post or email 
  • are only required upon an offer of admission, but can be sent anytime prior to the Application deadline
  • are preferred to be sent digitally by email: 
  • if physical transcripts are only available they should be mailed to: 
Admissions Office, Emmanuel College
75 Queen's Park Cres
Toronto, ON
M5S 1K7

International Transcripts

Graduates of recognized academic institutions outside Canada should hold an appropriate bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as assessed by the University of Toronto.

Applicants are encouraged to submit official international academic transcripts directly to World Education Services (WES) Canada for verification as part of the admission process.

Transcripts, certificates and other formal academic credentials not in English or French must also be translated by a certified translator and included with the original document if WES is not used.

2. Supporting Materials (Resume, Personal Statement, Video Statement)


All applicants are required to upload a pdf of a current CV or Résumé.

Personal Statement

Please address the following topics:

  • Your routine spiritual practice or belief system. 
  • Any pertinent volunteer or prior professional experiences, along with your educational background. 
  • The reasons behind your interest in the Emmanuel program and your desire to join the Emmanuel College community. 
  • Your vocational/career goals.
  • Demonstrate engagement with the Vision, Mission, Values and the DEAR declaration; particularly regarding the statement on Dignity:  

We affirm our uncompromising commitment to the innate and sacred dignity of all persons, creation and the land, with an appreciation of the rich array of differences in the human and created experience.  These experiences include race, age, ancestry, national origin, class, creed, culture, language, family, disability, gender (including gender identity and expression), neurodivergence, sex, and religion.  This means we value each member of our community as full participants worthy of respect.  

Dignity is the heartbeat of right relations. Emmanuel thus rejects any form of bigotry and discrimination -- such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and classism. We also commit ourselves to actively counter other social phenomena that threaten the flourishing of life such as colonialism, globalized market capitalism, Eurocentric cultural imperialism, and environment degradation; forces which demean, distort, and dehumanize the sacred dignity of persons and creation and interrupt our capacity to approach the divine. 


The statement should not exceed four double-spaced pages. 


The statement should not exceed two double-spaced pages.

Video Submission

This is a requirement for all programs. Video submission should be 3-5 minutes maximum.

  • Tell us about important experiences in your life that have lead up to your decision to apply to Emmanuel College.
  • Discuss ways you anticipate growing emotionally and spiritually in the program and ways you anticipate being challenged emotionally and spiritually.
  • Let us know if there is anything else you would like to share with us.

Please ensure that privacy settings/viewing permissions create viewable links. YouTube links should be set to Unlisted, not Private.

3. Letters of Recommendation

Applicants will be required to enter the names and valid email addresses for all references cited in their online application.

References will receive an automated email with letter guidelines, along with a link and instructions for uploading their letter of recommendation directly to your application. References may be contacted to verify legitimacy.

References can be also emailed directly to from the referee. 

All letters of recommendation are due by April 15.

Academic Reference

If you have been in university recently then a past university professor/instructor would be preferred. If you have been out of school for a number of years, then a university-educated colleague or connection who is capable of assessing you according to the guidelines listed below would be acceptable.

*Academic letters of recommendation should be on official letterhead.

The academic reference should comment on the following:

  • intellectual and academic strengths and/or weaknesses;
  • critical and analytical skills;
  • maturity;
  • written and oral communication skills;
  • ability to work with and learn from others;
  • integrity;
  • motivation and initiative; and
  • personal judgment.

Pastoral/Spiritual Reference

In certain cases, a second academic letter of recommendation may be substituted.

The ministerial/pastoral or community/spiritual leader reference should address the following:

  • character and personality; 
  • emotional maturity; 
  • capacity for professional boundaries, self-awareness, compassion and curiosity 
  • formation by/engagement with spiritual or religious tradition(s) 
  • ability to work with and learn from others, including those who have different beliefs, commitments and cultures; and 
  • potential for theological study and/or potential for ministry, spiritual care or other leadership. 

Personal Reference

This reference should not be related to the applicant.

The personal reference should address the following:

  • character and personality;
  • emotional maturity; 
  • capacity for professional boundaries, self-awareness, compassion and curiosity;
  • ability to work with and learn from others, including those who have different beliefs, commitments and cultures; and
  • potential for theological study and/or potential for ministry, spiritual care or other leadership.

Musical Reference

Master of Sacred Music Applicants only.

Musical references should be a musical instructor, colleague or peer in the field with a minimum of 10 years of leadership experience.

The musical reference should comment on the following: 

  • The nature of the relationship and the length of time the reference has known the applicant;
  • The applicant’s musical ability; and
  • The applicant’s suitability for studies in advanced liturgical music.

TST Transfer Student Reference

Current, lapsed or withdrawn TST students will require a letter of recommendation from their Basic Degree director, Vice Principal or Dean of Students commenting on academic standing and character.

4. Relevant Experience
Applicants are encouraged to highlight relevant volunteer or professional experiences. These can be either formal or informal experiences of care and outreach within your community or family.
This is only necessary for the MPS program, though details pertaining to relevant experience can be included to strengthen applications to other programs as well.
5. General Financial Plan

Please provide a general overview of how you plan to fund your theological education, indicating percentage from savings, employment income, government student loans, bank loans, other outside funding sources and Emmanuel College.


  • 50 per cent Government Student Loans
  • 25 per cent Savings
  • 15 per cent Family Support
  • 10 per cent Employment
6. Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $53 CAD must be received before an application can be processed.

Please pay online through PayPal. 


7. Admissions Counsellor Meeting
Prior to submission of an application, all applicants are required to meet with the Admissions Counsellor in person or online at a one-on-one meeting. 

This meeting serves as an informal touchpoint designed to acquaint the applicant with the Admissions Counsellor, providing an opportunity for the Admissions Counsellor to share information about the school and its offerings. Additionally, it allows the applicant to express their educational and vocational goals, facilitating guidance toward the most appropriate program. Finally, the meeting serves as a space to review the application process and address any specific questions the applicant may have

Applicants are encouraged to review the Admission Information and the Academic Program pages before meeting with the Admissions Counsellor.

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MSMus Additional Admission Information

Admission Policy

The Admissions Committee of Emmanuel College oversees the basic degree admissions process and sets minimum admission requirements for all basic degree programs as mandated by Emmanuel College, the Toronto School of Theology, the University of Toronto and the Association of Theological Schools.

The committee does not disclose the reason(s) for declining admission, nor do we accommodate requests for personalized feedback on rejected applications. Decisions related to admission to a basic degree program are not subject to appeal.

Deferral Policy

MPS Program: 

Emmanuel College does not have the capacity to offer deferrals in the Master of Pastoral Studies Program. If an applicant is unable to accept an offer of admission for any reason, a re-application will be required for consideration to attend in the future.   

All other Programs: 

MDiv, MTS, MSMUs & Certificate applicants who are offered admission may request to defer the start of their program until the following September only, with a non-refundable deferral fee of $50.