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Professor HyeRan Kim-Cragg

Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Professor of Preaching

MDIV Hanshin Graduate School of Theology, Hanshin University
ThD Emmanuel College, University of Toronto



Teaching & Research Interests

Committed to an interdisciplinary approach to homiletics in practical theology, her teaching and research address various topics related to biblical interpretation, postcolonial theories, feminist homiletics and liturgy, migration, and decolonizing practices.  Her current research is involved in intercultural preaching, as this intersects with race, gender, and multiple identities of the preacher and the congregations.  She is particularly interested in language (verbal and non-verbal) issues for preaching as a communicative event.  As a recipient of The Rowntree Scholarship at The United Church of Canada Foundation (2019), she will undertake her research project on Preaching and Intercultural Ministry in the United Church of Canada for the next three years. 

Selected Publications


Postcolonial Preaching: Creating a Ripple Effect (Lexington, 2021)

Interdependence:  A Postcolonial Feminist Practical Theology (Pickwick 2018)

Story and Song: A Postcolonial Interplay between Christian Education (Peter Lang 2012)

Mission and Migration: The Changing Mission Goals of The United Church of Canada and the

Mission of Koreans Within It (Daeganggan, 2019) (coauthor with Don Schweitzer)

What Does the Bible Say?  In Conversation with Popular Culture (Cascade 2017) (coauthor with

Mary Ann Beavis)

2 Thessalonians: Wisdom Commentary (Liturgical Press 2016) (coauthor with Mary Ann Beavis)

The Authority and Interpretation of Scripture in The United Church of Canada (Daeganggan

2016) (coauthor with Don Schweitzer)

Hebrews:  Wisdom Commentary (Liturgical Press 2015) (coauthor with Mary Ann Beavis):

A book award by the Catholic Press Association 2016

The Encounters: Retelling the Bible from Migration and Intercultural Perspectives (Daeganggan

2013) (coauthor with EunYoung Choi)

Religion and Migration: Negotiating Hospitality, Vulnerability and Agency (EVA 2019)

(coedited with Andrea Bieler, Isolde Karle and Ilona Nord)

Reading In Between (Pickwick 2019) (coedited with Néstor Medina and Alison Hari-Singh)


Selected Articles and Book Chapters

 “Preaching in a Post-Truth Era: Its Critical Task.” International Journal for Homiletics. 4



“Unfinished and Unfolding Tasks of Preaching: Interdisciplinary, Intercultural, and

Interreligious Approaches in the Postcolonial Context of Migration,” Homiletic: The

Journal of the Academy of Homiletics 44:2 (2019): 4-17.


"Home, Hospitality, and Preaching:  A Need for the Homiletical Engagement of Migration."  In

Migration and Religion:  Negotiating Sites of Hospitality, Resistance, and Vulnerability

Andrea Bieler, Isolde Karle, HyeRan Kim-Cragg, and Ilona Nord, eds., 233-245 Leipzig: 

Eva, 2019.


"Sacred Texts / Holy Scriptures / Religion and Literature."  In International Handbook of

Practical Theology:   A Transcultural and Transreligious Approach, Birgit Weyel,

Wilhelm Gräb, Emmanuel Y. Lartey, Cas Wepener, eds.  Berlin: De Gruyter,



"Probing the Pulpit in Postcolonial Feminist Perspectives."  Liturgy Vol. 34:2 (2019): 22-30.


"The Emperor Has No Clothes!: Exposing Whiteness as Explicit, Implicit, and Null Curricula."

Religious Education 114:3 (2019): 239-251.


"Inter-Positioning: A Korean-Canadian Homiletical Theologian's Reading of the Story of

Jephthah's Daughter."  In Reading In-Between: How Minoritized Cultural Communities

Interpret the Bible in Canada, 52-66.  Néstor Medina, Alison Hari-Singh, and HyeRan

Kim-Cragg, eds.  Eugene: Pickwick, 2019.


"What are People For?  In Christian Life, Discipleship and Ministry."  In The Theology of The

United Church of Canada, 203-222.  Don Schweitzer, Rob Fennell, and Michael

Bourgeois, eds.  Waterloo:  Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2019.


"A Postcolonial Portrait of Migrants as Vulnerable and Resistant."  Practical Matters:  A Journal

of Religious Practices and Practical Theology Vol. 11 (Spring 2018).


"Motherhood as Self-Giving and Self-Receiving Relationship" in Parenting as Spiritual Practice

and Source for Theology: Mothering Matters, Claire Bischoff, Elizabeth Gandolfo, Annie

Hardison-Moody, eds. 133-153.  New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.


"Through Senses and Sharing: How Liturgy Meets Food."  Liturgy 32:2 (2017): 34-41.


"Postcolonial Practice on Eucharist," in Postcolonial Practice of Ministry.  Kwok Pui-Lan and

Stephen Burns, eds. 77-89.  Lanham: Lexington, 2016.


"Baptism as Crossing beyond Belonging?" in Liturgy in Postcolonial Perspectives:  Only One is

Holy, Cláudio Carvalhaes, ed. 201-211.  New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.


"Liturgy in Migration and Migrants in Liturgy." Co-written with Stephen Burns in The Church in

an Age of Global Migration: A Moving Body.  Susanna Snyder, Joshua Ralston, Agnes

  1. Brazal, eds., 113-130. New York: Palgrave, 2015.


"Turning to the Other: Interdenominational, Interethnic, Interreligious, Transnational Activism

and A New Ecclesia."  Co-written with Mai-Anh Tran in Complex Identities in a Shifting

World:  Practical Theological Perspectives, Pamela Couture, Robert Mager, Pamela R.

McCarroll, and Natalie Wigg, eds. 127-138.  Berlin: LIT Verlag, 2015.


Selected Courses

EMP 1301 Introduction to Homiletics

EMP 5307 Critical Issues in Preaching: Postmodern and Postcolonial Approaches

EMP 3353/6353 Anti-Racist Preaching and Community Engagement

EMP 1431 Introduction to Faith Formation and Christian Education


Ecclesial Affiliations

She is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) and has served in pastoral, teaching, and intercultural leadership capacities with the United Church of Canada for the past twenty years.



North American Academy of Homiletics

North American Academy of Liturgy

International Academy of Practical Theology
Religious Education Association


Other Information

Dean of Global Institute of Theology, the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)

Co-Moderator of Theology Reference Group for the WCRC

Member of the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning (FILL) of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC)